Year round certainty

Kamps Beans Morocco SARL

Green beans around the year that meet the same high quality standards; the same colour, taste & shape. Partly in order to fulfil this goal, the company Kamps Beans Morocco SARL was officially launched in May 2016, after a long and thorough preparation.

Kamps Beans Morocco SARL is a subsidiary of Kamps Sperziebonen B.V. The company Kamps Beans Morocco is based near Agadir in Morocco. Kamps has full control of the cultivation, harvest & processing of the products, even in the import season. The knowledge and experience acquired is applied directly to the company in Morocco.


Fine beans, helda beans, mangetout & sugar snaps

In addition to green beans, Kamps can also supply fine beans, helda beans, mangetout and sugar snaps from its own produce in Morocco. The products are packaged according to the customer’s preference.

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